couple with doctorFor many couples, it can be difficult to know when “trying for a baby” ends and fertility issues begin. The fact that every couple is different makes it more confusing – you may see one friend fall pregnant within a week of trying, while another takes six months to conceive.

So, how do you know when it’s time to seek help, and what can you do to help things along in the meantime?

Give it time, and relax

NHS guidelines suggest that if the female partner is aged below 35 – and there are no known health issues which could affect fertility – you don’t need to visit a professional for guidance until you have been trying for at least a year.

If you are aged 35 or over, you may need to seek help sooner, but in many cases the key to conceiving, whether or not you are undergoing fertility treatment, is to relax and enjoy your sex life. Rather than religiously tracking your cycle, try to engage in intercourse when you feel like it – although obviously it helps to do it frequently!

Eat well

Whether you’re still in the “trying for a baby” stage, or you’re further down the line of fertility treatment – even if you’re well into the IVF process – thinking about what you eat can be very helpful, particularly for the female partner.

Gorging on sugar and junk food is not only bad for your physical health, it can affect your stress levels too, and stress is a key factor in getting pregnant. So try to eat your five-a-day, drink plenty of water and remember you are trying to make your body a safe place to grow a baby.

Don’t feel bad about asking for help

If you have been trying for a while and are concerned that there may be some underlying fertility issues, don’t hesitate to contact your GP or a fertility expert. It may well be that they can put your mind at rest, which in itself can be an aid to conception.

And if there is something that is preventing you from conceiving, there are plenty of fertility treatments available that can help – from IUI to IVF and ICSI, here at IVF Chelsea we will use all the tools available to support you through the process of conceiving a baby.