lotusThe decision to have IVF treatment is a major one, and most couples want to feel that they have explored all the options first. Here at IVF Chelsea, we not only understand that but actively support all our clients to ensure that they have tried every option available to them before proceeding with the IVF process.

So, what are the options for fertility treatment without undergoing IVF?

The alternative option: acupuncture

There are hundreds of different “alternative” theories about fertility treatment, but the one that comes up time and time again – and actually has some scientific evidence to support its use – is acupuncture.

There are couples for whom acupuncture alone is enough to resolve their fertility problems, but for those who need an additional helping hand, at IVF Chelsea we are very happy to work alongside acupuncturists to ensure you have the best chance possible of conceiving.

The first step: fertility drugs

Depending on the reason behind your infertility, it may be that prescription medication – such as Clomid, a drug that stimulates ovulation – is sufficient to aid conception.

Here at IVF Chelsea, we will work with you to determine the cause of your infertility and to track your ovulation to give you the best chance possible of conceiving naturally. If medication is needed, we can prescribe that and advise on how best to improve its chances of success.

Step 2: Intra-uterine insemination (IUI)

If all other steps so far have failed and you still don’t feel ready to put yourself through IVF, intra-uterine insemination is a sort of halfway house, where fertilisation of the egg is given a helping hand, without the need to harvest the egg from the body.

We will monitor your ovaries to ensure that the eggs have reached maturity, then inject a drug which will stimulate ovulation, around 36 hours before IUI takes place. At this time we will also take a sperm sample from the male partner.

Once ovulation is achieved, we will introduce the sperm to the egg using a catheter. The process is quick and painless.

So there you have it: just three of many options to consider before you go down the route of IVF treatment. For more information on any of these or to find out how we can support you through the IVF process, please contact us.