zenThe first thing to say is it’s not just your body that needs to be prepared for IVF. Obviously, if you are the female partner, then your body does need to be ready to provide a safe home for a baby if the treatment is successful, so we will come on to that later, but it’s also very important to be ready for the emotional roller coaster that comes with any fertility treatment.

Trying for a baby is in itself an emotional process, as you are no doubt aware. Even couples who have only been trying for a month or two can find themselves despairing each month when menstruation occurs. Couples seeking fertility treatment have already been through this for a year or more, so feelings are already running high.


It’s easier said than done, but the best thing you can do to prepare for IVF, both psychologically and in terms of improving your chances of conception is to relax. Stress plays a large role in fertility problems, so if you can avoid any undue stressors you are giving yourself the best chance of conceiving a baby.

Here at IVF Chelsea, consultant gynaecologist Mr Julian Norman-Taylor is very supportive of patients doing anything they can to help them to relax before, during and after treatment. Options are endless, but popular relaxation methods include acupuncture, meditation and gentle exercise.

Eat well

Again, this kills two birds with one stone – a poor diet can have a surprising effect on your mood and stress level, so if you can ensure you are getting a balanced diet containing all the nutrients you need you will not only be helping to keep yourself calm and positive, but also improving your physical health and wellbeing, in readiness for potentially nurturing a foetus.

If you have any worries at all about your fertility treatment, or would like more information on how you can best prepare for it, please do not hesitate to contact the team here at IVF Chelsea.