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What causes infertility? Part 2

18th Jun 2016

In our last blog post we examined some of the lifestyle factors that might contribute to infertility. Today we want to talk about some of the physical problems that might result in a couple having difficulty in conceiving a child. Fertility problems are often assumed to lie with the female partner. In fact, male infertility [...]


What causes infertility? Part 1

03rd Jun 2016

One of the first things a couple usually wants to know when they come to visit us here at IVF Chelsea is the cause of their infertility. Sometimes there is a very clear cause for infertility, such as a physical blockage in the fallopian tubes or a very low sperm count. In other cases, the [...]


We’re struggling to conceive, but feel IVF should be a last resort. What are the alternatives?

28th May 2016

The decision to have IVF treatment is a major one, and most couples want to feel that they have explored all the options first. Here at IVF Chelsea, we not only understand that but actively support all our clients to ensure that they have tried every option available to them before proceeding with the IVF [...]


How does IVF treatment work?

19th May 2016

Most people have heard the term “IVF” in relation to conception and fertility; many of us even know that it stands for “in-vitro fertilisation”. But how many of us really know what the process involves? Here, the experts from IVF Chelsea explain what is involved in an IVF treatment cycle. 1. Ovary stimulation The first [...]


How can I prepare my body for IVF treatment?

04th Apr 2016

The first thing to say is it’s not just your body that needs to be prepared for IVF. Obviously, if you are the female partner, then your body does need to be ready to provide a safe home for a baby if the treatment is successful, so we will come on to that later, but [...]


When is the right time to seek help with fertility?

25th Mar 2016

For many couples, it can be difficult to know when “trying for a baby” ends and fertility issues begin. The fact that every couple is different makes it more confusing – you may see one friend fall pregnant within a week of trying, while another takes six months to conceive. So, how do you know [...]


Fertility – the male factor

12th Mar 2016

It is often women who feel the need to make changes when it comes to improving fertility – after all, it is the woman whose body needs to accommodate the baby when it comes, so it makes sense that she create the perfect environment for that embryo. However, it has recently become apparent that the [...]


Acupuncture and IVF

24th Feb 2016

In 2008, a study was published in the British Medical Journal suggesting that acupuncture could increase the chances of pregnancy through fertility treatment by up to 65%. The study was widely publicised in all the major newspapers, but experts were quick to point out that the results might have been down to a ‘placebo effect’, [...]


Could changing your diet help you to conceive?

17th Feb 2016

To many people, the idea of gorging on spinach and mung beans in an effort to get pregnant seems like a crazy concept only be advocated by herbalists and hippies. But what if we told you there might be some science behind it? Too fat or thin? It is not news to most of us [...]


How can your GP help with your fertility problems?

14th Feb 2016

The first place that most couples seek advice regarding the fertility issues (after Google) is their General Practitioner.  Your GP can help with the majority of problems that couples have.  After hearing your story, he or she will commonly give general advice for you and your partner.  These will include getting yourself fit.  This does [...]