Based in Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, IVF Chelsea offers private fertility services under the care of Mr Julian Norman-Taylor.  The Clinic is based in West London, and offers the full range of fertility services ranging from basic investigations and measurement of ovarian reserve, through to laparoscopic treatments, ovulation induction, IUI, IVF and ovum donation.The Assisted Conception Unit at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital has amongst the highest pregnancy rates in the country, with more than 70% of couples achieving a pregnancy after a blastocyst transfer.

Julian’s philosophy is to discuss with the couple the highest chance of success, in the least invasive way.  For some this will be simple advice and reassurance, and others will require in-vitro fertilization or other more invasive techniques.

Treatments are offered on an evidence-based approach, meaning that adjunctive therapies such as endometrial scratch, or intra-venous IVIG are offered with full disclosure of the likely impact on success. Please contact us to see how we can help you today.

We understand that difficulties with conception can lead to an immense amount of stress for the couple, and we aim to identify the issues, and to manage as quickly and efficiently as possible.